March 2016: 12 stories in 10 publications

Are you ready for another month of delicious content?

Greg Zeleny, founder of [spasie], talks about the underground restaurant’s exciting plans for the year while Stelio Nathanael, founder of Chesa Nyama, shares details about the braai franchise launching overseas. And while we’re on the subject of good food, Abalone House and Spa is pairing brandy with a menu from celebrity chef Reuben Riffel, Darling Brew is pairing meals with its award-winning craft beer, and Sxollie Cider is starting a revolution with apples and pears.

In travel news, choose one of South Africa’s top team-building retreats if you have to travel with your colleagues. And if you have to travel with your family? Sail away on an MSC cruise, which might inspire you to follow in the footsteps of rescue swimmer Robin Fortuin.

Back on dry land, take a drive up the West Coast to explore the historic buildings of Mamre or travel to West Africa and learn the story of Ghana’s Kente cloth. You could also take some advice from Tommy Hollard on his Namib Living Desert Tour:

“If you drive fast, you’ll see only plants and sand. But if you slow down and look closely, you’ll see that the desert is full of life. You just have to train your eyes.”

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Darling Brew on board the Mirage 760 luxury yacht (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)