How to improve your education, grow your mind, and learn for life in 2024

The mind is a powerful thing.

Whether you’re learning a new language or improving your professional skills, take some advice from Margaret Atwood, who writes this in The Handmaid’s Tale (also available on Audible):

There’s always something to occupy the inquiring mind.

To keep growing, here are some of my favourite Seth Godin quotes from his 2023 blog posts, together with a recommended title from Blinkist.

If it feels uncomfortable or awkward to acknowledge that we don’t know, we’re pretty certain to lose trust, waste confidence and find ourselves in a jam now and then. ~ “I don’t know”

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If knowing what’s happening is important, it probably pays to focus on how (and when) we discover the new stuff. ~ In and out

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Instead of “I was wrong,” perhaps it’s useful (if less satisfying to others seeking victory) to say, “It’s time to make a new decision based on new information.” ~ New decisions based on new information

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Some would like to believe that learning can be done alone, in a tower, with a laptop. But in fact, until we interact with other people or systems, all we’ve done is absorb, we haven’t yet understood. ~ Useful assumptions for teachers

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A useful non-fiction book is a map, not the territory. It’s a chance to safely experience what might be, to experience it before it happens. ~ On reading it in a book

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It’s almost impossible to pick up something when your hand is in a tight fist. This is why emotional enrollment is the key to learning. ~ Closed/open    

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Access to ‘smart’ is easier than ever before. But we need to seek it out. ~ Anti-smart 

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When we get better at something, it is preceded by a moment of incompetence. In that moment, we’re not exactly sure how to do it better, but we realize that the way we’d been doing it wasn’t nearly as useful. ~ I’ve been doing it wrong all along 

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Commitment gets us through the frustration, and frustration is the partner of learning. ~ While standing on one foot

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Soft skills are real, and attitudes are skills. They can be learned, and we can help others learn them as well. ~ Scaffolds and talent

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Where we choose to direct our gaze determines not only what we learn or believe, but how we choose to see the world. ~ Focusing attention is a skill  

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The ease with which someone can invent and spread lies is going to take most of us by surprise. It’s going to require an entirely new posture for understanding the world around us. ~ Checking the date 

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