February 2016: 11 stories in 6 publications

It’s the month of love and what’s not to love about fine cuisine?

Elunda Basson of Pongrácz talks about the iconic brand’s three varieties of Méthode Cap Classique; Scot Kirton of La Colobme is honoured to be crowned Eat Out’s Chef of the Year; and Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen of Restaurant JAN in southern France becomes the first South African to ever receive a prestigious Michelin star.

Speaking of stars, why not experience the best local talent on the stage? Grant Almirall talks about his performance in the splash-tastic Singin in the Rain while Bianca le Grange, who many remember as a finalist in the first season of Idols, is now starring in David Kramer’s ‘Kanala’ musical tribute, which marks the 50th anniversary of District Six.

In business news, FIFA-accredited sports agent Karabo Mathang is one of only five local ladies in the BBC 100 Women list; Joy Olivier of IkamvaYouth talks about how the non-profit organisation is uplifting youth across the country with the power of peer-to-peer education; and Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heusser of Lalesso are using ethical fashion to improve lives across Africa and beyond.

Feeling inspired? Now’s the time to start making an impact too. Perhaps you want to learn how to choose and fund your studies to move ahead in your career, or how to set and achieve your goals to move ahead in your life. In the words of volunteer rescue swimmer Robin Fortuin, who saved six people from drowning when he was only 21:

“It doesn’t matter where you come from. Anyone can be a hero.”

That means you too.

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Pongrácz Rosé at the 25th anniversary celebration (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
Pongrácz Rosé at the 25th anniversary celebration (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)