How does social media make you feel? For many people, the answer isn’t good:


social media search results


Despite this, companies invest millions into marketing on these platforms, either by purchasing ads that viewers might never see or by sponsoring ‘influencer’ accounts that could be fake. Worse, we collectively spend millions of hours on these websites, even when it’s clear that they aren’t improving our lives.

Is it really worth it? Or is there a better way?

The power of podcasting

Ever since launching my Cape Town Travel Guide podcast (no longer active given that I don’t live there anymore!) I’ve had people ask me how to start their own shows. That’s why I’ve put together a free guide that explains how to plan, start, and grow a successful podcast.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • Why podcasting is a great way to connect with your audience and grow your brand (and why you can never truly do this with social media platforms and their ever-changing rules)
  • What you need to figure out when planning your podcast (including how to choose your topic, understand your audience, find your niche, discover your motivation, and decide on a format, length, frequency, name, and description for your show)
  • How to script and record your first podcast episode (including where to get the best podcast cover art, podcast recording equipment, online voice training, audio editing services, royalty free music, and media hosting to publish your show)
  • Which podcast promotion techniques work best (including why you need your own website, what it takes to write effective blog posts for your podcast episodes, and how to spread the word about your podcast through email marketing, podcast sponsorships, and guest interviews on other shows)
  • How to podcast for the long term (including how to come up with podcast episode ideas, find the best podcast guests, batch record your podcast episodes to save time, produce podcast episodes using a template, and profit from your podcast through traditional and unconventional ways)

To get your free podcasting guide, just enter your email address below. Once you’re on the list, you can also contact me to set up a free podcast consultation to help you launch your show!