How to think creatively, be an innovator, and make art in 2024

What does it mean to be an artist?

It’s a question many people are asking given the rise of generative artificial intelligence. But there is still a lot that we can learn from living artists, much like Siri Hustvedt writes in What I Loved (also available on Audible).

Ideas shape what’s in front of you.

For more inspiration, here are some of my favourite Seth Godin quotes from his 2023 blog posts, together with a recommended title from Blinkist.

Boundaries and scarcity aren’t simply impediments. They’re leverage points and opportunities. ~ Unfettered

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For many, the imagined cost of speaking up is almost always higher than the actual cost. And we live with the cost in our imagination daily, dying a little bit over time as we keep our insights to ourselves. ~ Speaking up

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If we want to create something, it helps to know what it’s for. ~ Practical philosophy 

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If you can imagine that the audience that is going to be served would appreciate and talk about the thing that’s being made, then it’s in good taste for them. It doesn’t matter much whether you’d buy it yourself. ~ “I don’t like it”

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If you have an instinct that you rely on when solving a problem, naming it is a helpful way to bring it on when needed, and to set aside when it’s not. ~ The lens or the problem?

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If you want to know what the scholars have written, ask an intellectual. And if you’ve got a problem worth solving, it might pay to ask a smart person. ~ Anti-smart 

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Innovation–in the arts, in science, in business–is all about being willing to be wrong, because innovation requires missteps. They’re not a bug, they’re a feature. ~ Big science

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It’s hard to tell a fad from a trend when you’re in the middle of it. But often, that’s our job. ~ “Let’s face it”

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Most people want you to make something cheap, write something short, share something funny, and fit in. But the people you serve… they might want something else. ~ Most people (and the people you choose) 

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New approaches will never be embraced by everyone at first. If you need unanimous consent, you’re not going to move forward. ~ Three things about innovation

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Nothing much changes until someone cares enough to build an alternative. ~ Build a new one

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Once computers start illustrating, writing and composing, the opportunity is to have them work for you, not compete with you. ~ The price of salt

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Once we realize that there is almost no chance we’ll get it right the first time, we can embrace the opportunity to sign up for better instead of perfect. ~ Getting it right the first time  

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Taking an idea isn’t theft. Taking an idea is an oxymoron. Ideas belong to all of us. ~ Patterns, culture and theft  

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Tell ten people. If they don’t tell the others, make a better product. ~ Eight marketing maxims 

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There is creativity in discernment. ~ Discernment in creativity

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When you’re feeling even a little creative, don’t wait. Write it down, roll tape, speak up. ~ Skipping the good days 

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