How to overcome challenges, recover from failure, and fix your mistakes in 2023

Have you achieved your big goals for this year?

It’s okay if you haven’t. What matters most is how you respond to your setbacks and difficulties, much like Marilynne Robinson writes in Housekeeping (also available on Audible):

If you do not resist the cold, but simply relax and accept it, you no longer feel the cold as discomfort.

So, if you need more guidance, here are some of my favourite Seth Godin quotes from his 2022 blog posts, together with a recommended title from Blinkist.

The thing that gets us stuck isn’t us. It’s the script that we’ve decided is our only option. ~ “Here we go again” 

Learn more: Getting Past Your Past

Every day we get a new chance to begin again. And if you don’t, someone else will. ~ Ostracodish 

Learn more: Bounce Back

Paying attention to something when the problem is still small makes it far less of an issue later. ~ Coming soon 

Learn more: Stitches

The easy problems are often an illusion. If they were real and they were easy, they’d be solved already. ~ Difficult problems  

Learn more: Wild Problems

A transition doesn’t have to be a crisis, unless we want it to be. ~ Speeding up for the red light 

Learn more: Life Happens in the Transitions

Life’s a tragedy. It always surprises us, and eventually, we all die. But tragedies don’t have to lead to catastrophes. ~ Catastrophization  

Learn more: Full Catastrophe Living

Quitting is underrated. ~ Sunk costs at work  

Learn more: Quit

Plenty of people insist on freedom and independence. More rare and far more effective is to claim responsibility instead. ~ Demand responsibility  

Learn more: How to Meet Yourself

If your plan, your idea or your art doesn’t involve any significant hurdles in moving forward, it’s probably not worth that much. ~ Significant hurdles  

Learn more: Endure

When we embrace flexible, renewable and diverse approaches, we create actual progress.  ~ Strength through resilience  

Learn more: Get Off Your But

It’s tempting to find a sinecure where someone tells you what to do all day–after all, then you’re off the hook and you can’t be wrong, only the boss can. But it’s far more thrilling and useful and fulfilling to be the one who might mess up. ~ The opportunity to be wrong  

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Decisions and crises and moments of significant effort and risk can be stressful. But the challenge of a stressful day is rarely directly related to today, it’s about tomorrow or years from now. How many good days?  

Learn more: The Stress Prescription

We might all come out ahead if we focus on a productive and comfortable way to wrap things up, instead of fighting to the last moment. ~ Palliative care  

Learn more: Time to Think

If you’re hoping to demonstrate power, confidence or status, taking responsibility is a better signal than whining. ~ Whining and status  

Learn more: Mindset Matters

If you buy a piece of tech, it will break. If you buy an asset of some sort, it’s likely to go down in value one day. If you start a project, you will one day walk away from it. And everything that is alive will die. ~ But how will it fail? 

Learn more: Life Is Hard

The time we spend fretting over what just happened is time we’re not spending on addressing the problem itself. ~ It’s not what you deserve, but it is what it is  

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