After graduating from the University of Cape Town with distinctions in financial accounting and classical piano, I spent over two-and-a-half years working in branding, communications, and market research. I also spent over three-and-a-half years at an eLearning company before leaving to dedicate myself to my full-time business as an award-winning copywriter, journalist, and podcaster, having contributed to over 100 different websites, magazines, and newspapers around the world.


My role as Senior Writer at Cognician Software, an online learning and coaching company, gave me the opportunity to design and create over two dozen courses. These include a critical and creative thinking course for students at the South African College of Applied Psychology; an induction programme for new employees at Rand Merchant Bank; a retirement planning course for 10X Investments; and Leadership Accelerator, created in partnership with one of the country’s top executive coaching companies and awarded Best Soft Skills Solution at DemoFest, part of DevLearn Conference & Expo 2014.


As Knowledge Manager of Synovate Laboratories, the R&D centre of a global market research company, I provided project design and analytical support for studies conducted in over 30 countries worldwide. I also was chosen as one of the first guest bloggers for the World Advertising Research Centre and published almost 20 articles (one of which won a company Thought Leader Award) as well as whitepapers on building powerful brands and creating successful ads. I have diplomas in Blogging & Content Marketing (Distinction: 98%) and Digital Marketing (Distinction: 92%), both from the Shaw Academy.


I received my Toastmasters Competent Communicator Award in 2012 and, in 2014, ended a two-year term as my club’s Vice President of Education by receiving the Advanced Leadership Bronze Award. I also completed an Individual Voice Programme with The Voice Clinic in 2015 (followed by the PowerSpeaking Programme in 2017) and, in 2016, continued to develop my public speaking skills through weekly one-on-one sessions with the founder of the Byron Bure Academy of Theatre Arts and later with Debra Glover at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. Throughout my career, I represented local and international brands through several media channels (including television, radio, print, and online) and worked with top clients including @home, AISA, Bouygues, Castle Lager, Centraal Beheer, Chicken Licken, Discovery Bank, FedHealth, KFC, Lunch Bar, Pearson Education, Pick n Pay, Sprite, Tropicana, TUI Travel, and more. To hire me as an event emcee, panel discussion moderator, corporate speaker, television actor, print model, or voiceover artist, contact Stella Talent.


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