2020 started as a great year.

In January, I published a new book and was planning a series of conference talks around the world. In February, Travel Massive named me as one of the top travel podcasters you should listen to. And in March, I was invited on an incredible international press trip that I was excited to experience.

Then everything changed.

South Africa, like many countries around the world, announced a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19. I flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg on one of the last available flights to be with family for what I thought would be three weeks, only to find myself ‘stranded’ for almost three months.

The future of travel

Eventually, things slowly got back to what’s been called ‘the new normal’ (a phrase that’s almost as overused as the word ‘unprecedented’). Indeed, after passing the time in lockdown by taking virtual tours and planning future trips, many people are eager to travel again.

But when might travel rebound, what can tourists expect, and how will the travel industry adapt? While nobody knows for sure what travel will look like or how tours and adventures will be different, there are some lessons the world can learn from the recovery in Asia as well as signs of a rebound in Europe.

So, if you’re an African travel brand or just a curious traveller who wants to know what’s waiting for you, this guide will explore:

  • Who is travelling
  • Where they are going
  • How they are getting there
  • What they are doing
  • Which travel style they prefer
  • Why they are travelling
  • When this will happen

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