How to build a success mindset for 2024

Here ends another year.

As we look ahead to 2024, it’s wise to keep in mind the words from Nightwood (also available on Audible) by Djuna Barnes:

To pay homage to our past is the only gesture that also includes the future.

If you need more guidance, here are some of my favourite Seth Godin quotes from his 2022 blog posts, together with a recommended title from Blinkist.

We have exactly what we need to make things better. If enough of us stand up and lead and connect, we’ll continue to get closer to what’s possible. ~ The arc of history 

Learn more: Empowered

We choose our boundaries rarely, but we have to live with them every day. ~ Dancing with status roles  

Learn more: Stop Self Sabotage

It’s not possible for anyone to actually see the world as it is. But there’s a significant opportunity we can work toward: to experience the world in a useful way. ~ The world as it is  

Learn more: Positive Intelligence

We’d like to believe that our experiences are aligned with the world as it is. They can’t be. Everything we encounter is filtered through what we know. And what we know comes from the very human cultures we inhabit. ~ Our stories are all we really know  

Learn more: A Year of Positive Thinking

One of the things we certainly have control over is deciding whether we’ll seek to spend our days in control or not. We might have to make sacrifices along the way, but the feeling is up to us. ~ Your control preference  

Learn more: The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control

Responsibility is a learned skill. You might be born with an instinct for it, but mostly it’s something we’re taught or choose to learn. ~ Your responsibility preference 

Learn more: Own Your Greatness

The essence of choice is that it belongs to each of us. And if you decide you have enough, then you do. ~ And maybe it’s enough 

Learn more: The Gap and the Gain

If you’re not satisfied with what you think is happening, it might be worth recalibrating. ~ When the gauge is broken 

Learn more: The Greatness Mindset

If feeling bad is keeping us from doing things that produce better outcomes, more connection or simply joy, it’s a waste. ~ Things to feel bad about 

Learn more: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Most of us are able to respond to a feedback loop in the short run. The real opportunity and challenge is to get much better at recognizing the long loops. ~ The delay 

Learn more: How Am I Doing?

Our story about the future is in the now, regardless of how far away the future is. All we can do with the future is experience our story about it right now. ~ Problems now (problems later) 

Learn more: Be Your Future Self Now

Placebos that give us solace and patience with no side effects are magical. Alas, when we apply them to areas where we’d be better off doing something that has a more direct impact, we’re making a mistake that costs us and those around us as well. ~ The rise of placebos 

Learn more: That Little Voice In Your Head

Most of what we encounter is driven by emotions, and our emotions are always relative. ~ Absolute and relative 

Learn more: Getting to Neutral

Satisfaction is often driven by the story we tell ourselves. ~ Compared to what 

Learn more: The Conquest of Happiness

We write our own autobiography each day by deciding what to focus on, what to rehash, and what to worry about. The same life story can be told in many ways, and the way we tell it changes who we are and who we become. ~ Your autobiography 

Learn more: Change Your Questions Change Your Life

Standing for something is a good way to avoid having someone stand on you. ~ “I can’t go for that” 

Learn more: The Mental Toughness Handbook

So much of what ails us gets a bit better when we say ‘thank you.’ Even when it’s hard. Especially then. ~ An antidote 

Learn more: Magic Words

Each day gives us the best chance in the world to see a different person in the mirror. A chance to change the stories we tell ourselves. ~ When we look in the mirror  

Learn more: Activate Your Greatness

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