How to grow your business, scale your start-up, and be a leader in 2023

What does it take to build a successful business?

According to James Jones, it’s about leadership, as he writes in From Here to Eternity (also available on Audible):

Plenty of cattle in this world have to be driven. But without good leaders, nothing’s ever accomplished.

For more inspiration, here are some of my favourite Seth Godin quotes from his 2022 blog posts, together with a recommended title from Blinkist.

When we’re not certain of the right answer, the best approach is to have a portfolio, a range of bets that reward us with resilience and significant upside. ~ Portfolio thinking 

Learn more: The Silk Roads

When we can’t be sure of the future, a portfolio that acknowledges this by going to various edges will outperform one where we pretend we know the right answer. ~ Portfolio thinking 

Learn more: How the Future Works 

After you build something great, sooner or later you’ll need to figure out how to thrive without being the new flavor of the day. ~ The next big thing 

Learn more: This is Day One

It turns out that in most markets where there are easy substitutions, the long-term value of loyalty is far greater than the short-term profit of less. ~ A little more or a little less  

Learn more: Basic Economics

Chaos is uncomfortable, particularly if you’ve been indoctrinated in the industrial mindset. But if the right people and the right conditions are present, chaos creates possibility. ~ Chaos, connection and industrial systems  

Learn more: Management Mess to Leadership Success

Instead of denying the existence of limits and the trade-offs that they bring with them, it might be helpful to begin with an understanding of what they are, or at least what other people think they are. ~ Limitless 

Learn more: The New Silk Roads

It’s possible to build an organization that does work you’re proud of, surrounded by people who feel the same way. People who care, solving problems and creating connection. ~ Peak customer service and the hospitality mindset 

Learn more: The Best Place to Work 

If you want to create remarkable service, you’re simply going to have to trust your people and yourself. ~ The hospitality systems gap  

Learn more: Inclusion on Purpose

Leadership is not the act of making everyone happy. It’s the ability to show up and help us get to a place where, on balance, more of us are glad to be. ~ The win-win fallacy 

Learn more: How to Be a Leader

Your main job is persuading the people you work with to ship great stuff. No junk. No shortcuts. ~ Defender of the brand 

Learn more: The Heart of Transformation

Now more than ever, there’s room for leaders. Go first. ~ The crossroads 

Learn more: Leading Without Authority

As you succeed, it’s harder, not easier, to bring delight to the people you serve. ~ Expectation and delight 

Learn more: Rocket

Systemic problems require systemic solutions. ~ Finding persistent invisible systems  

Learn more: ReWork

In many organizations, customers have a choice and customers have a voice. Treating everyone as if they have that sort of power makes it far more likely you’re earning trust and respect, not cutting corners. ~ Front of house/back of house 

Learn more: Leadership

Setting the triggers for action is best done in advance, and maintained regularly. Waiting for a crisis is expensive and risky. ~ Steady state and the trigger for change 

Learn more: The Wisdom of the Bullfrog

The goal isn’t to find no competition. It’s to find a better way to solve the problem. ~ No competition  

Learn more: The Prepared Leader

If we’re sold on where you’re going, we’ll probably spend the time to learn how to get there. ~ Vast vs specific  

Learn more: Positively Energizing Leadership

Changing our definition of ‘now’ and ‘later’ is a powerful competitive advantage. ~ How long is forever?  

Learn more: The Future Is Faster Than You Think

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