October 2019: 4 stories in 1 publication

Pleasure, pain, and the point of it all in this month’s newsletter!

This month, Cape Town Travel Guide podcast celebrated plenty of food holidays: the best breakfasts in Cape Town for World Egg Day, the best bakeries in Cape Town for World Bread Day, the best pasta in the Western Cape for World Pasta Day, and the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Cape Town for World Vegan Day.

But after all that pleasure, let’s continue with our discussion from last month and take a closer look into the neuroscience of pain, something that’s been making headlines lately given the opioid epidemic sweeping the world and changing the way doctors think about pain.

Some people have become trapped in open-air narcotics markets or forced to live as pain refugees. Others have been stuck in a drug shuffle, with rehab recruiters profiting from addicts and their attempts to get clean. Will there ever be a cure for chronic pain? Or is this something we have to accept?

While it’s hard to offer concrete answers, I believe it’s much like Italo Svevo writes in Confessions of Zeno, our book recommendation for this month:

“Pain and love – the whole of life, in short – cannot be looked on as a disease just because they make us suffer.”

We’re so much stronger than we realise. 

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Wat Suthat Thepwararam temple in Bangkok (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
Wat Suthat Thepwararam temple in Bangkok (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)