September 2019: 7 stories in 3 publications

Spring is in the air in this month’s newsletter!

This month’s stories include an interview with musician Caroline Leisegang about her latest album and with Enver Duminy about the rise of Muslim tourism in Cape Town.

Indeed, there’s lots to enjoy in the Mother City from the Cape Town Travel Guide podcast, including the best restaurants in the Southern Suburbs and the best places to braai in Cape Town.

You can also take a trip to enjoy the best places to see spring flowers in the Western Cape, perhaps stopping for a meal at one of the best restaurants in Franschhoek or the best restaurants in Paarl.

Last month, we continued to break away from the world of toxic social media and silly internet memes and instead focused on how to improve your health, all without turning to dangerous crystals or a a dodgy cleanse. But what if nutrition, exercise, and sleep aren’t enough?

Much has been said about the new possibilities of psychedelic psychotherapy, even though there can be challenges of going off psychiatric drugs. Fact is, there are many reasons why people are depressed or anxious and many ideas on how to help someone in pain. It’s best to consider things carefully before deciding what’s best for you.

A good first step is to open up, much like W. Somerset Maugham writes in On Human Bondage, our book recommendation for this month with a perfect quote for spring:

“One’s like a closed bud, and most of what one reads and does has no effect at all; but there are certain things that have a peculiar significance for one, and they open a petal; and the petals open one by one; and at last the flower is there.”

Wishing you a fruitful season ahead!

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Viande Ice-Cream Sundae (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
Viande Ice-Cream Sundae (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)