November 2019: 10 stories in 6 publications

Food, festivities, and faraway lands in this month’s newsletter!

Cape Town Travel Guide honoured the best restaurants in the Western Cape as named at the annual Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards. The podcast also covered the best everyday eateries in the Western Cape, with more details on The Insect Experience, a Cape Town pop-up serving bugs.

To celebrate World Merlot Day, we took a trip with the best wine tours in the Western Cape and learned more about LABELinmotion, a printing company that makes augmented reality wine labels. And to celebrate the start of the holidays, we visited the best festive markets in the Western Cape and enjoyed more beautiful things from the co-winners of Designer of the Year.

Further afield, travel news explored the cuisine of Koh Samui that I experienced on my trip to Thailand and offered thoughts on why you should take fewer photos on your next trip, inspired by my time in France.

Indeed, while there’s been lots of talk about why wildlife tourism is a problem and how tourists are destroying the places they love, it’s still possible to enjoy your holiday without causing an international incident. More than that, it’s still possible to find your own private getaway if you take the time to look.

It’s much like Aldous Huxley writes in Point Counter Point, our book recommendation for the month:

“Everything’s incredible, if you can skin off the crust of obviousness our habits put on it. Every object and event contains within itself an infinity of depths within depths. Nothing’s in the least like what it seems – or rather it’s like several million other things at the same time.”

Where will you find awe and wonder today?

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The Panthéon in Paris (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
The Panthéon in Paris (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)