December 2019: 8 stories in 4 publications

It’s the end of an era in this month’s newsletter!

Travel news features details of the Radisson RED, listed as one of the best places to eat at the Silo District in Cape Town. There are also details of the best beaches in South Africa plus more top spots from ClickMyTrips, which offers on-demand professional photographers for your holiday.

In the world of drinks, we explore the innovative wine technology solutions to climate change and sip on the best high tea in Cape Town. And after feasting on the best Christmas specials in the Western Cape, we get ready to start 2020 on a healthy note with the best fitness activities in Cape Town.

As we end another year, it seems wise to think about other endings too. I’m specifically talking about death; not in a gruesome way with the dark world of online murder markets or the bizarre tale of how a feud over a URL ended in a bloody shootout. I’m talking about people embracing the art of dying as well as the movement to bring death closer to home. In other words, it’s about appreciating life and everything in it while we can.

Indeed, it’s much like Marcel Proust writes in Remembrance of Things Past, our book recommendation for the month (also available on Audible) with an ideal quote to end this decade:

“If our unhappiness is due to the loss of someone dear to us, our suffering consists merely in an unusually vivid comparison of the present with the past.”

What will you leave behind to make way for a better life?

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View from the Radisson RED in Cape Town (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
View from the Radisson RED in Cape Town (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)