March 2020: 5 stories in 1 publication

Changes, challenges, and more in this month’s newsletter!

The Cape Town Travel Guide podcast got off to a great start with details on the best cultural festivals in the Western Cape, the best adventure activities in Cape Town, the best places to eat in Stellenbosch, and the best waffles in the Western Cape. Sadly, given the global situation, the podcast had to go on hiatus, with the final episode (for now) exploring the best ways to fight COVID-19 (the coronavirus disease) in Cape Town.

Indeed, even though last month’s newsletter focused on the climate crisis (which still matters given the plastic problem, the challenge of sustainability, and the ongoing threat of water stress), the focus right now is on the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world. How should we respond?

In sickness and health

First, let’s focus on facts. With so much coverage from so many sources, we need to stick to the reliable ones and assume everything else could be false. For me that means trusting only the World Health Organisation, The Economist, and other reputable sources.

For example, there have also been some great TED Talks exploring why COVID-19 is hitting us now, what should (and shouldn’t) worry us about the coronavirus, and how we must respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All this should make it clear that our best way forward is to stay calm. As Laurence Stern writes in Tristram Shandy, our book recommendation for the month (also available on Audible):

“When a man gives himself up to the government of a ruling passion… farewell cool reason and fair discretion!”

We will get through this.

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Life under lockdown (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
Life under lockdown (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)