February 2020: 7 stories in 2 publications

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Cape Town Travel Guide, recently named as one of Travel Massive’s top podcasts to listen to, featured the best wedding venues in the Western Cape in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Other episodes covered the best classical music in Cape Town and the best leap year events in the Western Cape.

The podcast also showcased the best wine farm stays in the Western Cape, while other travel news covered the rise of rainbow tourism around the world. Finally, tech news explored how GirlHYPE is empowering women to pursue technology careers as well as how the wine industry is using technology to respond to climate change.

A planet in pain

Indeed, while there was lots to celebrate in the month of love, it’s clear that there’s also a lot of pain in the world right now. With environmental problems on land, at sea, and in the air, it’s no wonder we’re suffering from climate stress.

Some choose to see the upside of climate change, with strange ‘benefits’ like a new food emerging scene in Greenland, a generation of writers exploring climate change, and the rise of some animals adapting to modern life. But how should we respond when it all feels too much?

Christina Stead says it well in The Man Who Loved Children, our recommended book for the month:

“We are all, so important to ourselves, only members of a species. The species must be our concern. But we are not animals: species must not fight species for mutual extermination. We are men; we must get together for the good of the genus, indeed of the natural order.”

It’s not too late.

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Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra at City Hall (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra at City Hall (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)