April 2020: 3 stories in 1 publication

Navigating the new normal in this month’s newsletter!

Last month’s newsletter focused on the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sweeping the world. Even now, as we try to understand the coronavirus and find a COVID-19 vaccine, nobody knows for sure how (or when) the coronavirus will end. So what should we do?

First, we need to show each other some compassion. Everyone is stressed out right now, from parents struggling to explain the coronavirus to their kids to healthcare workers on the front lines, fighting COVID-19 at great personal risk and under immense emotional toll.

Indeed, reading about the lockdown in China (followed by the dystopian world when it was lifted), the lockdown in Italy (and the things they missed most), as well as other stories of life under quarantine makes it clear that we’re all in this together.

Searching for the light

As far as practical advice is concerned (and like I said last month) we need to listen to the experts, most of whom are reminding us to stay calm and trust their advice. Acting like it’s the end of the world or worrying about what might happen to us doesn’t help.

Beyond that, a great way to navigate the crisis with hope is to realise that our actions as individuals can make a difference. That’s why I launched a personal development newsletter that has shared ways to take care of our health, safeguard our careers, and deepen our relationships during this difficult time.

It’s much like Alan Moore writes in Watchmen, our book recommendation for the month:

“When you yourself are strong and healthy in mind and body, you will want to react in a healthy and positive way to the world around you, changing it for the better if you are able and improving the lot of both yourself and your fellow man.”

It all starts with you.

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Social distancing courtesy of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
Social distancing courtesy of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)