January 2018: 7 stories in 6 publications

To start 2018 on a high note, the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and Cape Town Concert Series are presenting top performers in their new seasons. And in other music news, Cape Town Opera is about to debut an adaptation of Tsotsi by Athol Fugard.

In business news, Arthur Attwell talks about how Book Dash is on mission to make sure every child in South Africa owns at least 100 books by the age of five. And in travel news, discover the country’s five best teambuilding retreats or enjoy the past, present, and future of the luxurious PortsWood Hotel.

For every single day this month, I’ve been posting short updates on my new Patreon page. Highlights include top personal development advice from Chris Guillebeau (who featured me on his Side Hustle School podcast!), Copyblogger, the Harvard Business Review, Headspace, Lifehacker, Outside Magazine, Raptitude, Seth Godin, The Guardian, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Simple Dollar, and Zen Habits. Stay tuned for more great resources to make this your best year yet!

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A symphony concert at Cape Town City Hall (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)