September 2017: 13 stories in 9 publications

The start of a new season offers plenty of choices in the culinary world. Choose from one of the best drinks for spring or discover the dying art of creating brandy the old-fashioned way on a tour through the Klein Karoo. Celebrity chef Reuben Riffel also has a selection of the best recipes for a braai.

Speaking of celebrities, I reflect on the dangers of tabloids, while business news features Tshepo Sedumo of Grove Audio (a local company that crafts handmade boomboxes inspired by nostalgia) and entertainment news profiles Sebastian Cassie, the producer and director of Enchanted Cirque.

Slave Museum in Stone Town, Zanzibar (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)

Because the holidays are just around the corner, travel news this month takes us across the world: from the rise of millennial travel (captured well in Cape Town’s new Radisson RED) to life beyond the beaches of Zanzibar and even to the adventures of Victoria Falls.

Clearly, there’s a lot to disocver if you take your time. Tommy Collard said it well in his Namib Desert Tour:

“If you drive fast, you’ll see only plants and sand. But if you slow down and look closely, you’ll see that the desert is full of life. You just have to train your eyes to see it.”