September 2014: 10 stories in 5 publications

In travel news, you can sail the heaven seas (don’t worry; your luggage won’t end up in the hands of the Baggage Battles team) or wine and dine at Allée Bleue. And if you’re in the mood for music, don’t miss the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, who celebrate their centenary, or Panic! At the Disco and The Fray, whose lead singers share the details about their upcoming gigs.

Staying on the stage, you can catch the sensational Rocky Horror Show or try something different at Cape Town’s first annual Fringe Festival. In the words of Tony Lankester, CEO of the National Arts Festival:

“Dive in, be brave, see as much as you can, stretch your mind, and have a blast. It’s an extremely open, non-contrived, welcoming environment for artists and audiences. We hope they exploit that to the full.”

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he Fray at Cape Town's Grand Arena
The Fray at Cape Town’s Grand Arena (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)