November 2017: 8 stories in 6 publications

As the holiday season approaches, you might be feeling busier than ever. Fortunately, this month’s newsletter includes advice on fighting internet and technology addiction as well as details on how Quickspaza is simplifying the process of shopping for food. Speaking of which, JarBar is delivering healthy meals around Cape Town while the annual Eat Out Awards honours South Africa’s culinary stars.

If you can’t stand the heat, sip on some of the top drinks for the season or one of the 10 best white wines for summer. And if you’d like to cool off even more, take a trip to Constance Tsarabanjina in Madagascar or One&Only Le Saint Géran in Mauritius for the perfect luxury trip.

If you’re still feeling stressed out, there’s no need to worry. Headspace has some tips on what to do if you’re too shy to speak up, details on the three most common anxiety mistakes, advice for riding out a panic attack, and a guide on what to expect when you’re expecting the worst.

Clearly, running from the things that make us uncomfortable only makes matters worse. Fortunately, Zen Habits has great advice on how to move away from comfort and security, an insightful guide to fear mastery, as well as a plan to develop resiliency and move towards your fears. Tim Ferris also explores why you should define your fears instead of your goals.

Ultimately, most of what we fear isn’t real. More than that, real fears can even make our lives better. As Seth Godin writes:

“Fear, loneliness, anger, shame and hunger. They drive us. They divide us. They take us away from our work, our mission, our ability to make a difference. And yet, sometimes, they fuel our motion, leading to growth and connection.”

Nederburg MCC (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
Nederburg MCC (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)