June 2017: 13 stories in 10 publications

It might be cold outside but you can warm up with the 10 best red wines for winter. And speaking of fine wines, Charles Back of Fairview Wine and Cheese talks about winning the annual 1659 Honorary Award (the most prestigious accolade in the wine industry) while Ntsiki Biyela reflects on her journey to becoming the first black female winemaker in South Africa.

Arts this news month comes from the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, which just wrapped up its winter symphony season but has more great performances coming up soon. Meanwhile, Mohau Modisakeng is hosting the critically acclaimed Lefa La Ntate exhibition at the Standard Bank Gallery in Johannesburg.

Travel news this month takes you on the Game of Thrones world tour through Croatia, Ireland, and Spain. You can also enjoy the culture of Cairo or hunt for the ‘little five’ on a Living Desert Tour in Swakopmund. Speaking of Africa, business news this month offers insights into marketing to the youth online while Jen Gurecki talks about how Zawadisha is providing microloans to rural Kenyan women to improve their lives.

What about you? If you’re feeling a bit worn out at this half-way point of the year, career news this month covers how to handle depression and stress at work while Tshepo Sedumo of Grove Audio has some useful job advice:

“It’s good to be safe but it’s better to be happy. It might be harder to reach your goals but once it pays off everything else will follow.”

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At the Great Pyramids of Giza (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)