July 2014: 7 stories in 5 publications

This month brings you lots of entertaining interviews! In theatre news, political puppet Chester Missing chats about the Mass Hysteria Comedy show while Baxter Theatre CEO Lara Foot speaks about her new play Fishers of Hope. And in music news, rock band Prime Circle, opera singer Pretty Yende, and entertainer Jonathan Roxmouth all share details of their upcoming shows.

If you’re feeling inspired, make sure you get to the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. Or, if you’re staying home, take some inspiration from Buddy “The Cake Boss” Valastro:

“I am living my dream job: I get to bake extraordinary cakes, have fun, work with my family and meet amazing people all the time. I also get to impart my love for baking and food to others, and hope that I get to inspire them in some small way.”

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