How to market your business, promote your ideas, and grow your brand in 2023

What does it take to grow a successful business?

At a time when many companies are struggling to keep up with all the technological disruption, these words from Rohinton Mistry in A Fine Balance (also available on Audible) are apt:

The secret of survival is to embrace change and to adapt.

If you need more guidance, here are some of my favourite Seth Godin quotes from his 2022 blog posts, together with a recommended title from Blinkist.

Social pressure is something we make up to simplify our decisions. ~ Social pressure 

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Status roles are always local. We compare ourselves to the others in our circle, not everyone on the planet. ~ Dancing with status roles 

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Money is a story we tell ourselves about value, status and position. ~ Sales and the story of money 

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Forward motion happens when individuals and organizations decide to adopt a posture of possibility. And that’s enabled by marketers ready to help them embrace that possibility. ~ The leap 

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Price is not a barrier, and when it comes to producing your message, your movie, your song, your site, your book–everyone else is now doing it as well. ~ The million-dollar gap 

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Communication is a process, not an event. ~ “Knock, knock” 

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Conversations are contagious. ~ In Bhutan, they dream of rainbows 

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When you amaze and delight, your fans will pay it forward. ~ The surprising thing about expectations 

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The opportunity for anyone seeking to make a change happen is to enlist people who are on a similar path and give them the tools and the motivation to engage with the people around them. ~ Preaching to the choir 

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The broader you seek to make your offering, the more likely you are to run into people who don’t care, don’t get the joke or are simply not open to being satisfied. ~ Classical music and documentaries 

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We each have a noise in our heads, an agenda and something urgent that’s grabbing our attention. And so, the amount of interest you receive (or don’t receive) has little to do with how interesting you are and a lot to do with how the people you seek to serve have organized their priorities long before you got there. ~ Interested vs. interesting  

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It’s very difficult to make a living selling something that doesn’t, by some apparent measure, cost extra. The hard work is in keeping the promise that your extra isn’t extra at all. ~ Paying extra  

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Marketing is work that matters for people who care, a chance to create products and services that lead to change. Promotion can support that. Or it might simply be a selfish hustle for attention. ~ Marketing vs. promotion 

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Like your customers and they’re more likely to like you back. ~ The likable brand (or person)  

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Figure out what’s important, then create the conditions for people to talk about it. ~ But first, we need to talk about it 

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Marketing isn’t paying for ads, changing the logo or building a social media presence. Marketing is product design, customer service, pricing, customer delight and creating and living a remarkable story. ~ The chief hype officer 

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If you want more people to take more action, make it safe, don’t make it interesting. ~ Novelty vs action 

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People will choose careers, families and opportunities simply to avoid confronting the little tiny voice that is hiding inside. And marketers with low standards will brazenly manipulate us to extract money spent to protect the sore spot. ~ Protecting the sore spot  

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