Here We Go Again…

A lot can happen in 18 months. Some highlights from my life in the past year and a half include starting a new job, getting promoted, blogging for the World Advertising Research Centre, publishing my first paper, setting up shop on Elance, joining Toastmasters, and beginning my studies with the UK Writers Bureau.

Throughout all that and a whole lot more, Varsity Blah has been on my mind. Writing on that website was an amazing experience and it’s clear many people felt the same way:

“Your consistency and passion for the site is awesome and I quite enjoy the intellectual and thoughtful spin you put on things that all of us are encountering all of the time.”

“I have really enjoyed reading your blog entries. I feel a strong personal connection to the message.”

“It’s refreshing to read the work of someone who transfers their views so effectively.”

“You write very well and I definitely appreciate the things you speak about here.”

“It’s quite amazing that you write so well. I’m impressed. It’s quite inspiring.”

“I really feel you have set a standard that will inspire other writers.”

“Your blog keeps getting better and better!”

“I really like your line of thought. Keep positive!”

“You’re doing good things. Good things will happen for you.”

With support like this, it’s no wonder I couldn’t help but start a new blog. Here at, I’ll be publishing personal development book summaries and reviews every week. So make sure you subscribe to free alerts or follow me on Twitter to be notified when I do. Are you ready? Then let’s begin!