December 2016: 7 stories in 6 publications

As another year comes to an end, it’s a good idea to learn how to make better decisions for your time. If you’re eating out, consider how to split a restaurant bill. And if you’re eating in? Savour the flavours from across the continent in the television series Africa on a Plate.

Speaking of travel, treat yourself to a stay at the InterContinental O.R. Tambo Airport Hotel in Johannesburg, which is the perfect prelude to luxury life at Diamonds La Gemma dell’Est Resort in Zanzibar. You could also find some inspiration from DJ Black Coffee as he shares his love for spinning the globe or from VoiceMap telling stories around the world through its innovative app.

December can also be a time of stress. Fortunately, Headspace has advice to help you avoid the slippery slope of breaking your routine, as well as a few quick tips if you’re panicking and five tips for avoiding holiday burnout.

There’s more great guidance from The Simple Dollar on the eight little things to always remember when you’re shopping, from Raptitude on how to eat less junk during the holidays, and from The Economist on why sugar is bad for you. (True story.)

Wherever you are right now, take some time to disconnect. Seth Godin has valuable recommendations on how to use your phone so that your phone doesn’t use you, while The Economist reflects on the power and meaning of silence:

“[Just] as there can be inner tumult in silence, so there can be tranquillity in the thrum of activity.”

Diamonds La Gemma dell’Est Resort in Zanzibar (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)