December 2015: 10 stories in 6 publications

It’s the end of another year. To celebrate, you can go out to enjoy the splash-tastic Singin in the Rain or Die Van Aardes Van Grootoor, a new musical from Pieter-Dirk Uys. You could also stay home and learn how to pair food and wine. Either way, with all the eating and drinking, make sure you download Ryda (an alternative to Uber with NO surge pricing) and FitKey (which gives you access to dozens of fitness clubs across the country).

Of course, you could also choose to take it easy. Enjoy luxury life at Oldenburg Vineyards Homestead, check into the recently rebuilt Tintswalo Atlantic, or try something more personal by staying at any of the three top Airbnbs in South Africa. (“Thank you very much, it’s an honor to be in your well written article,” one of the hosts said. “I am very impressed.”)

But before you spend your annual bonus, read about the basics of personal finance to get control of your cash and how to start a journal to get control of your life. After the year we’ve just had, taking some time out for reflection is the best idea of all!

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Oldenburg Vineyards Homestead (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
Oldenburg Vineyards Homestead (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)