April 2019: 7 stories in 3 publications

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This month, Cape Town Travel Guide focused mostly on great food, including the best new restaurants, the best restaurants in Green Point and the Waterfront, and the best restaurants in Kloof Street. There’s also a review of La Colombe (ranked sixth best restaurant in the world), information on the best safaris and game reserves near Cape Town, as well as the best eco-friendly initiatives in the city.

Other highlights from across the internet are all about our senses: the history of perfume (smell), the rise of autotune (hearing), our love/hate relationship with decaf (taste), a radical asylum with no limits (feeling), and what driving can teach us about living (sight).

Why does it matter to pay attention to these things? Carol Kinsey Goman writes it well in The Non-Verbal Advantage, our book recommendation for this month:

“People are constantly telling each other exactly what they think and feel. And it often has nothing to do with the words they speak.”

What’s the message you’re getting loud and clear?

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La Colombe (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
La Colombe (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)