April 2018: 7 stories in 3 publications

It’s been a short month with all the public holidays, but there’s still a lot to look forward to in the latest post!

Sip on the best drinks for April, find artistic inspiration with the new manager at the Standard Bank Gallery, and explore all the great ideas from the new Cape Town Travel Guide: Table Mountain or Lion’s Head on the South African hiking bucket list, the best picnics in the winelands, great restaurant specials across Cape Town, several festivals to enjoy on the long weekend, as well as the best coffee shops and co-working spots.

I also published another 30 personal development posts on my Patreon page to help you succeed in your health, relationships, finances, career and more. And to end, this month’s book recommendation is If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller, in which Italo Calvino writes these wise words:

“The world is so complicated, tangled, and overloaded that to see into it with any clarity you must prune and prune.”

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The Vineyard Hotel (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)
The Vineyard Hotel (Copyright: Eugene Yiga)