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100 Books

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As mentioned in the my bio, I’m almost done reading 100 greatest books of all time. It took a while to settle on a list since all the ‘popular’ ones had major limitations. Time excluded titles before 1923 (apparently writing wasn’t any good before then) while the BBC left it to the public (which is why Harry Potter magically made it to number 5). The Guardian does a better job, although it isn’t presented very well.

That’s why I settled on The Easton Press. This comprehensive list includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and plays. It also focuses on timeless works that have proven themselves and avoids the impossible task of ranking by presenting an alphabetised list instead. Hover over any image below (randomised for your viewing pleasure) or click through for more:

(If you can’t see the collection of books above, disable your ad blocking software or open this window as an ‘ingonito’/’private’ tab. Also, as per FTC disclosure requirements, please note that these are affiliate links. Clicking on them and making a purchase will result in this website earning Amazon fees. Doing so may also result in your intellectual development, just so you’re aware of that too.)

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